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Pedopachy Fourth of July Fireworks Event!
Hello everyone! This Independence day, we’re not only celebrating America’s freedom, but also Erinn’s freedom as well! Over the next few weeks, Mitsu will be collecting fireworks kits from the Homestead Fishing event. Although not required, any additional fireworks kits would be appreciated if mailed to her.

On July 4th 2013, come to Mitsurashi’s homestead (Channel 6) at midnight Erinn Time to watch a special fireworks show! There will also be campfires and food to share and enjoy while you watch the show!

Planned Events (Let me know if you’d like to add to this)

Campfire - Each night there will be a campfire or two set up on the homestead. Sit around the camp fire and enjoy some tasty food! We need people to donate Potato Salad, Club Sandwiches and T-Bone/Show-off Steaks, as well as Firewood. Mitsu has 2 Carpentry Blocks on her homestead.

Fireworks - From midnight to 3 AM Erinn time each night, we will be shooting off fireworks. You can set a personal message as well if you want! We will need a lot of fireworks, so please donate if you can!  We have plenty of fireworks now, so no need to donate any more!

Music - During the event, we will be playing music on the homestead. Mitsu has Rank 1 Composing, and we will take requests!

Giveaways - Each night, we will be giving away various prizes! You only need to be on the homestead to be entered for a chance to win! Prizes include: Lyres, Hand chimes, Umbrellas (Twinkle Star, Panda, Lace and Frog), and more!

There may be more events added.

Don’t miss out on all the fun! We’ll see you there!


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